Debian Jessie and SELinux en

By Cheatah on Sunday 26 April 2015 13:03 - Comments (6)
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So. Let's see where we are now with Debian and SELinux.

I'm installing the bare minimum of software and imagine I'm going to install a secure server. I'm a Linux professional and know very well what I'm doing, so I always pick the Expert Install option and basically configure as little as possible, so no non-free or contrib packages.

After the installation, the system boots and I disable installing optional or suggested packages, a feature which still cannot be configured from the installer. I install my favourite text editor and the selinux-basics package. It is suggested I also install a whole bunch of other crap, which I respectfully refuse. I'll pick what I need, later.

Well, I want some policy, of course, so selinux-policy-default seems reasonable. It was recommended when installing selinux-basics. Therefore it's very interesting that the package is simply not available. Well, this adventure ended quickly.

So, Debian, is this what you call SELinux support?